Cockmommie 6: Men In Trouble

Video: Cockmommie 6: Men In Trouble
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
They are unrelenting, unmerciful mistresses who will do anything to humiliate, chastise, harass, and otherwise antagonize their submissive male slaves. BDSM is now in session!

Episode 1: Casual Day at the Compound! “Big Top Man meat and Customer Circus”!

Men have a dress code to follow at the Compound. Girls on the other hand, do not. Irene Boss meets Cock Mommie (Madame Nadine) in punishing this casual clown. He is even dressed like a clown to emphasize the point, with a ridiculous mask. He is going to be used as a demonstration tool for Ms Boss to show Madame Nadine what goes on at the studio a little more fully. The Women restrain him to a CBT chair for manual NT and CBT. NT clamp are then attached with a “chicken wing” predicament arm bondage position. Ms Boss then demonstrates electric CBT via the Eros Tech. The Ladies decide to get out the clothespins to create a Pinata for their office party. Electric nipple play is explored on many settings. Madame Nadine removes the clothespins with a riding crop. Ms Boss and Madame Nadine speak in Pittsburghese. Corporate Clown is moved to the Cross for a double flogging as well as a paddling and cropping. Round 2 commences. It’s worse the second time around. While Madame Nadine twists and electrifies his nipples, Ms Boss whips the clothespins off and Madame Nadine has a turn with a riding crop. The action then progresses to the sling for a double bang. Take the Mandingo cocks!

Episode 2: “Hotel California with Pecker Mommie”.

Truly a date from hell! Reality FemDom filmed at Dom Con LA. Cinderfella is so shell shocked from having to serve CockMommie for days on end that he goes to the wrong room for their scene. She is a Giantess who towers over him! He is made to worship feet and then commanded to strip. The weekends play is evident on his body. He is locked in a kali’s teeth bracelet for chastity, and his balls were recently infused by Ms Boss and Mistress Chase. While she snaps her gum she spanks his pasty ass and twists his nipples. The horror of the clothespins again! He is tied face down to a glass table for foot worship and foot gagging. He is flogged in the bathroom and humiliated with his head in the commode. Madame Nadine straps it on, removes her shoes, and becomes a butt pirate. He eats a banana from her strap on as well!

Episodes 3 and 4: “Man Maid” / “Ass Slam Toe Jam”

Domestic Discipline gone awry! Madame Nadine alights the stairs at the Compound in lovely black lingerie to find her slave for the evening who has been under the The Boss for the last 3 hours. Ms Boss has shaved, enemized and feminized him so he is ready for duty. Ms Boss comments on their height discrepancies. He looks like a shrimp next to Madame Nadine who he must address as “Cock Mommie”. He is a slovenly housemaid so must be trained on how to make his slave bed. She verbally berates him constantly for his ineptitude. Since he is sweating all over the place, Madame Nadine turns a large fan on which makes his job even more difficult. Ms Boss becomes so annoyed she walks back upstairs, shoves him to the side, and makes the bed herself in about 2 minutes. He is then made to dust the Ladies bedroom like a sissy fairy. He is disciplined with the very implements he has cleaned. Wood, lexan, and leather are explored. There is a cock sucking lesson followed by proper boot service with culinary humiliation. He is made to eat his dinner from Madame Nadine’s toes and consume a nasty cocktail. How embarrassing. Show Mommie how the piggies eat! This debacle is wrapped up with foot kissing.

Stars: Domina Irene Boss, Madame Nadine, Mistress Chase, Cinderfella

Telle Mere Telles Filles

Video: Telle Mere Telles Filles
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Studio: JTC Video
The MOM benefits from the absence of her (hot and horny) party girl daughter who is shopping for men to fuck from the neighboring yard. Anyway it is written on his face that she is a bouffeuse cock slut, there is therefore no surprise. While the two babes are waiting for MILF they consume the cock of the worker with great craving, it is surprising. In this family deserted by a husband for one, the father of the other two, it is not surprising that the savage nature and sexually neurotic MILTF is as sexual as her two daughters.

Stars: Shana Mour, Lisa Candy, Alyzee, Lilia Cobain, Max Casanova, Tony Caliano

Fake Agent UK Presents-Chantelle

Video: Fake Agent UK Presents-Chantelle
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Studio: Fake Agent UK
It’s hot, sweaty, the end of the week and I could swear I’ve seen this chick before. She swears that she ain’t been here before… Well, I do fuck a lot of babes, so who knows? All I know is she said she’d do anything to get job, and in my book that goes a long way, so she’s definitely staying. I dispense with the chit chat and get down to brass tacks. The only thing I offer her is porn and told her if she ain’t interested in that she can go kick rocks. Within minutes she was taking off her skimpy clothes revealing a tanned, slim and incredible body leading up to a great pair of tits. Perfect. So I get her digits to work, then mine, bringing her nicely up to operating temperature, purring nicely, ready for a bit of dick sucking. Holy shit, this chick didn’t mess about, and makes my dick disappears in an instant, really putting in a lot of effort. Her eyes were fucking streaming! She was so good at it I got her into my favorite deep throat position. Where again she swallowed the whole length without any problems. Good girl. Then after getting her to lick my arse she got on top and really gave her leg muscles a proper workout. Reverse cowgirl then cowgirl, what a ride. I then finished off by shagging her clam from behind and filling it full to the brim with my man muck. What a way to end the weekend.

Stars: Chantelle

Cougars Crave Young Cock 4

Video: Cougars Crave Young Cock 4
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Studio: Lethal Hardcore
This is the ultimate in cougar and young stud shagging! Bianca Breeze was so appreciative and thankful that her babysitter Romeo was willing to watch her kid over night that she woke him up with amazing head and tight ass pussy! Tony asked for a late check out at the motel so he could finish jacking off, but when Nina the maid came in he pounded her deep until they both came instead! When Claudia saw Daniel walking down the street from her balcony she called him up and begged him to lay pipe! When Sonny saw Alana was having car trouble he knew this a perfect opportunity to get some cougar booty! Eva is a voluptuous slut who loves giving foreign exchange students the “Stars and Stripes Forever!”

Stars: Monica Breeze, Alana Love, Claudia Valentine, Eva Notty, Nina Elle, Marina Visconti, Keni Styles, Romeo Price, Daniel, Sonny

Just Put It In Your Mouth

Video: Just Put It In Your Mouth
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Studio: D Star Entertainment
D. Starr is the self – appointed champion of the porn world and he’s brought out his championship belt to prove his status! And D. Starr has brought along Chocolate! Chocolate is a mocha – skinned beauty from Detroit. Chocolate has been very curious about making a movie and giving the adult film business a try. And now is her chance with D. Starr! Don’t miss Chocolate put it in her mouth!

Stars: Chocolate, Mr. D Star


Video: Ruthless
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Studio: Tug Zone
Four young and very pretty ladies that love anal. They get those tight holes stretched and rammed with fingers, toys and a big cock. All four scenes have anal and all these horny lasses having gaping holes. Lora who appears in the first scene goes to the extreme as you shall see. It’s amazing to watch, the man who takes over her ass is “Ruthless” with his big man meat.

Stars: Nonac, Lora, Eva Cats, Benta, Timo Hardy

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