Video: Naked
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When we see Sarah she is naked, kneeling on a dining chair with her hands on the floor and her bum in the air. Her tight little body is wracked with misery as Headmaster Tom brings the cane down, again and again. She howls with each stroke and her face turns as red as her bottom.

Finally, the Headmaster gives her permission to rub her tush. He apologizes for the caning but tells her that a sore bottom seems to be all she understands, and puts her back into the position. When it is all done Sarah is left trembling in the corner, rubbing her bright red bum.

Stars: Sarah, Headmaster Tom

White Guy’s P.O.V. 2

Video: White Guy's P.O.V. 2
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Studio: Lethal Hardcore
Faith and Tiffany are a dynamic dick-suckin’ duo raring to get some of that cock. Tiffany’s got a delicious body and she invites you to pound her in her tight ass. Next, Keeani fucks like a mad woman as you stuff her tight Asian pussy and asshole. Toni Chavez is a Latina dick wrangler who will blow your mind and your load. Angelina can’t get enough of a throbbing white meat porking. Last but not least, pretty Poppy spreads her backdoor chute for some deep POV penetration.

Stars: Poppy Morgan, Keeani Lei, Tiffany Leigh, Toni Chavez, Angelina Hart, Faith Leon, Phil Yorgash, Talon, Andrew Rivera

Let’s Fuck 27

Video: Let's Fuck 27
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Studio: MVG Productions
This short red-haired woman gets the “big prize”. A stud presents his girthy endowment to her in a bedroom, to which she gleefully accepts. She takes him into her mouth where she uses her tongue and jaw muscles to pleasure him. Fully erect, he penetrates her in a multitude of positions before blowing his substantial load on her tongue.

Raven Haired Hotties

Video: Raven Haired Hotties
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Studio: CX WOW
Raven Haired Hotties has 5 scenes worth of dark-haired beauties being fucked in more positions than you can imagine. These horny ladies explore tit fucking, standing 69, and deepthroating! Join Dana Vespoli, Sheena Ryder, Scarlet Lauey, Austin Lynn and Elisa Ann as they get into dark, kinky fun.

Stars: Scarlet Lauey, Elisa Ann, Dana Vespoli, Austin Lynn, Sheena Ryder, Christian XXX

Inner City Black Cheerleader Search #51

Video: Inner City Black Cheerleader Search #51
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Studio: Woodburn Productions
Do you like cheerleaders? Would you like to FUCK some cheerleaders? Do you like them black? Fuck yeah, you do! And these black cheerleaders are straight from the inner city! We got all the dark chocolate beauties you need right here! And, these pom-pom packing women will deep throat and take one in the ass for the team! Cum check it out!

Stars: Misty Hayes, Heidi, Sharen, Diamond Legacy, Baby Anus

Transsexual Dream Girls #7

Video: Transsexual Dream Babes #7
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Studio: OGV (Odyssey Group Video)
Girls come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s nothing like a T-Girl with that extra equipment. Hot tits up above, thick man meat down below. Watch lovely transsexuals like Dalia Fox, Diana, Mariah, Meghan Chavalier, and Simone Bucanon be on both the giving and receiving ends of a big dick smack down. You’ll want to hit the pillow early so you can see some anal involving a Transsexual Dream Girl.

Stars: Nino Bucanon, Paul Carrigan, Tom Moore, Dex, Diana (TVTS), Meghan Chavalier (TVTS), Mariah (TVTS), Simone Bucanon (TVTS), Dalia Fox (TVTS)

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