Fuck And Dance Party Vol. 4

Video: Fuck And Dance Party Vol. 4
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Studio: Mega-Film
These German ladies are hot, young, sexy…and love to be the center of attention! What better way to do that than to fuck and dance your way through a slew of hung and horny men?! They are willing to do whatever it takes to get as much cock and cream as they can get including: blow bangs, pussy licking, finger cuffing and much, much more to get the party popping just the way they like it! Watch them dance the night away and bounce from cock to dick until they get every last drop that they’ve been craving!

Joe Bardo Triple Feature – Deep Roots

Video: Joe Bardo Triple Feature - Deep Roots
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
A Native American man rides his chopper bike off the reservation to L.A in search of the good life. Let’s just say he gets more than bargained for….which is a good thing! This movie features the amazing Anita Sands, a freckled bra busting redhead that ranks as one of the sexiest obscure starlets of all time!

Stars: Liz Renay, Anita Sands, Debbie Love, Mary Swan, Toni Bell, Jesse Adams, Jesse Chacan, Amazing Ricardo

Farting Starring Emily

Video: Farting Starring Emily
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Studio: Hunterotic Brasil
This female has full-on flatulence. She’s got her asshole fully puckered and ready to unleash yet another damp, flappy explosion against her blonde submissive. She smushes her face against her ass and lets one loose, and has her use her tongue against her little hole in a pleasurable manner, and once again gives her another round of farting.

Stars: Emily

A Day In The Life Of A Compound Slave

Video: A Day In The Life Of A Compound Slave
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Studio: BossDVD.com (Irene Boss)
Irene Boss pushes the limits of her slaves as she’s known to do in this double feature disc set! The Boss Lady lets you experience “A Day in the Life of a Compound Slave” from beginning to end. He doubles as the maintenance man and her personal slave all in one! Watch him get rewarded for his landscaping skills with a foot worship session right there on the porch. Next, she takes him into the dungeon, binds him, whips him, and subjects him to a sadistic session of breathe play before vibing his cock as a reward for a job well done!

Stars: Mistress Irene Boss

Street And Nylon Pisser – Lexie

Video: Street And Nylon Pisser - Lexie
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Studio: Pee Line Movies
Just look at Lexie…She’s so sultry and hot that she should strongly consider changing her name to “Sexy” Lexie. She has full natural knockers and a phat ass that can barely be contained as she trots around wearing skin tight stockings and short skirts. She is simply red hot and fortunately, she has to relieve herself, a lot!

Stars: Lexie

Japanese Amateurs Exposed 44

Video: Japanese Amateurs Exposed 44
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Studio: EPR
The “Japanese Amateurs Exposed” series continues to go strong with its forty-fourth episode, starring not one, but two sexy amateur girls from the Land of the Rising Sun! These BFFs eagerly agree to join our filmmakers for a three some, where the lasses happily play with each other and their new male friend. After cumming multiple times, the blonde one gets a hot load of cum on her face. Following a short recovery period, the black haired amateur wants her share of the baby batter, and the camera man joins in and continues the party until both girls are satisfied.
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